This is a fantastic idea which I will mention in future workshops I give on how to prompt, cue, and reinforce people at critical points of performance in their natural settings.
— Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. - Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics Medical University of South Carolina

Getting started

Wristlists™ are recommended by professional coaches because they lead to more successful outcomes for the wearer. Whether you would like a discreet tool to help you keep something more "top of mind" or you could use a prompter to stay more on track with a goal-oriented program, getting started is easy!

Simply work with your coach to write down the "stuff" that you (or the person you are sponsoring) forget to do most often or make a list of professional and personal behaviors, routines, or resolutions that a "guardian angel" could help you focus or act upon more consistently. Once you refine the ideas, have fun choosing or designing (laser engravable) badges or plates, and adding bands that fit your needs best at the Wristlists™ Shop.  Although a Wristlist can be customized to any specification, keeping it uncluttered is recommended for prompting a specific behavior or thought.  For example:

Wristlists™ are for everyone so if you're sponsoring another person, don't hesitate to get one for yourself.  Many use a Wristlist to support a cause, or keep affiliations and favorite motivational or spiritual quotes more "top of mind".  Others use them to be more consistent with self-improvement, wellness objectives or other things from an ideal daily routine.  It's all up to you!

We provide (optional) FREE RESOURCESon how others are using a Wristlist with "step-by-step" badges as a tool to accelerate development of brain-based executive functions and if you need some more help organizing your ideas, feel free to download our CUSTOMIZATION WORKSHEET.