Wristlists™ are valuable for a variety of applications for kids, adults and seniors from all-walks of life but it's no mystery why we are partnering with CHADD and blogged about by ADDitude.  Highly customizable Wristlists™ are proving invaluable to those who struggle with ADD/ADHD, focus or managing their ideal daily routine (which is our mission).

Professional coaches recommend highly customizable Wristlists™ because they lead to more successful program outcomes and are known to accelerate the development of brain-based executive functions!   

Our high-quality silicon bands are stylish, durable and very comfortable. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. You can choose and easily attach or remove surgical grade plates or small badges that are laser engraved to your specifications. You can also add colorful icon badges or substitute bands.  It's all up to you and tactful engravings are designed small enough that your personal inscriptions remain private!