Looking for some ideas and recommendations? Find out here how others are designing their one-of-a-kind Wristlists™!

Although a Wristlist can be customized to any specification, keeping it uncluttered is recommended for using a Wristlist to prompt or nudge a user towards a specific desirable behavior or keep unique priorities "in sight and in mind".  For example:

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Wristlists™ are popular with folks who want to be more mindful of inspirational or spiritual messages and more conscious of their passions and affiliations. Many support loved ones and raise awareness with our ribbon badges!     

Have plates or badges custom engraved or use our icon badges to be more consistent with wellness objectives like drinking enough water and exercising, staying on schedule with meds, remembering to care for the pets, or GIFT a Wristlist Voucher to someone so that they can customize their own!

Some use Wristlists™ as a reminder for maintaining more desirable behaviors such as keeping space organized, not "sweating the small stuff", or resolutions that are unique to them! 

The benefits of these things are valuable to our customers from all walks of life and Wristlists™ have proven to be especially invaluable for those who tend to struggle with focus, ADD/ADHD or managing their ideal daily routine. Through this website, we provide (optional) FREE RESOURCES, on how others are using a Wristlist with "step-by-step" badges as a tool to accelerate development of brain-based executive functions!  

Still need some help taking your next step?  You can download our CUSTOMIZATION WORKSHEET or simply write down some ideas. Would you like to support a loved one or raise awareness for a cause?  Would it be nice to have your favorite motivational messages more top of mind?  What is the "stuff" that you (or the person you are sponsoring) lose and the things that are forgotten most often? Are there certain professional and personal behaviors, routines or resolutions that a "guardian angel" could help you focus or act upon more consistently? 

Once you refine your ideas, have fun choosing and designing badges, plates or bands that fit your needs best at the Wristlists™ Shop and please share your creations on our Facebook page or let us know more about your experience on the Case Studies page!