Large organizations and societies, are partnering with Wristlists™ in order to secure promotional rates for their members or to create revenue sharing opportunities for the organization.  Since there are no up-front resources required by the partner, campaigns can be created and taken to the field quickly while the organization receives a portion of proceeds associated with their unique member code.  

In most cases, a customized and secure version of this landing page can be customized that welcomes your participants, provides them with an overview of the relationship and has instructions on how to proceed.  We can add your logos and use content such as:  

Hello Organization Member!

Your Organization and Wristlists™ have partnered so that you can benefit from a popular Wristlists™ reminder tool and / or Your Organization can have these sample benefits: x, y and z.          

Just follow a few simple steps:

1: Go to the Wristlists Shop and decide on the style, color, size and custom engravings for your Wristlist.  

Consider some of these ideas:  

  • Make a list of the important things that you forget most often or the things things that it would help to have a reminder that it's a top priority (ie: drink more water, exercise, care for pet, medications, special occasions, etc.).
  • Are there motivational or spiritual messages that you'd like to keep in sight and in mind more often?  
  • Are there steps in a daily routine or common multi-step process that it would be helpful to have "on-hand"? 

2: Enter your unique, time sensitive promotional code in the appropriate box during the check out process:  CoDe123 

3: By entering the unique code (either):

  • a portion of proceeds from your initial order will go towards Your Organization (or their charity)!     
  • you are authorized to receive X% off of any one Wristlist!

You can further customize your Wristlist with add ons, customize another Wristlist, or even get a GIFT VOUCHER for someone else.  

That's it!  Thank you in advance for supporting Your Organization!

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