This is a fantastic idea which I will mention in future workshops I give on how to prompt, cue, and reinforce people at critical points of performance in their natural settings.

I tried a Wristlist myself when golfing as a reminder before each swing what my pre-shot routine should be. I use the stoplight icon badge with my rangefinder/wristwatch as I look at that before each shot to get distances. It worked quite well and I intend to keep using it for this purpose!
— Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. - Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics Medical University of South Carolina
A friend told me about this Wristlist and I had to give it a try because the constant struggling over getting the kids to do their chores was stressing us out. It’s helped give us a new approach where we don’t feel like we’re nagging them all of the time. Thanks Wristlists!
— Alex Kim
Our son benefits from having his reminders in front of him but he tends to get embarrassed when others become aware of his private business. The content on his Wristlist is a perfect balance between being visible to him but private to others. We bought gift vouchers for family and co-workers for the holiday and we hear positive comments from them often!
— Mark Mattingly
I have to share how quickly one of our students improved in class since the first day that he wore his little Wristlist. His desk is more organized, he’s not leaving his work and folders behind, and I notice him using it to redirect his focus during testing. We’re happily recommending it to others and I even got one to help with my own reminders;) Thanks!
— Lisa Caughey - 3rd Grade Teacher
Thanks for the great service with my latest order. I tend to get distracted with lower priority stuff at work but just a glance at my Wristlist reminds me to stay on point. I was reluctant to order one at first because I thought that it might be uncomfortable but the bands look and feel great. I’m so glad that I gave it a try. Where were you guys 25 years ago when I was in school?
— Pete Wilkinson
I couldn’t be more excited about the success that some of our clients are having with Wristlists! One of our biggest challenges is trying to keep our developmental programs top of mind for our clients, when we’re not face-to-face with them, reminding them what to do proactively and also reactively. The Wristlist helps on both fronts!
— Jane Speakman - Psychologist, PhD
I’m so glad to have seen your booth at a convention. We gave Wristlists a try with a few of our clients and both have taken some big strides forward! Love your story and product. Keep up the good work!
— Angela Guerrero - Counselor, MA, LCPC, NCC
We wanted to give the Wristlist a try before going down the road of ADHD medications and we’re so glad that we did because we feel that it’s bought us a little more time to make that decision! Our daughter is motivated to use it and she’s never been more productive without constant help from me and my husband. Thanks!
— Prabha Sharma
I LOVE my cute little Wristlist! It’s helping me in many ways but most of all remembering things before turning in for the day. I’m getting my husband and each of my kids gift voucher because I think that they’ll all want to put our families special spiritual saying on it and I may encourage my husband to get the special occasions badge, so that he doesn’t forget our anniversary like he did in 1998! Ha!
— Annie Holmquist