customize Plates OR additional Badges

Next, it's time to customize plates (or additional badges) with your unique reminders or checklists.  

For plates, here is your opportunity to write yourself a message or create a list.  For messages, some like to write a redirecting reminder such as "what are you supposed to be working on right now?" and others write something that they want to keep in mind like a spiritual message or new years resolution.  For lists, you may want to write out a common daily routine like these examples: "brush teeth, clothes, blinds, bed", "Before bus get: homework, lunch box, outerwear, backpack", or "Before turning in: shut down appliances, lock door, care for pet, take meds".  

We've designed eye catching badges with vibrantly colored icons to go along with our process, but we also give you the option to customize your own badge to suit your preference (text only)!

On both plates and badges, there are limits on the number of lines and characters that you can use, so please choose and edit carefully!