Establish A plan for using the wristlist to help achieve the goals

We recommend a routine for putting it on and taking it off at the same times and storing it in the same location (ex: if it's not on your wrist, then it must be in your jewelry box because those are the only two places it should be).  

Although the Wristlist will be "in-sight, in-mind" often, we also recommend getting in a habit of looking at it during specific times, such as:

  • In the morning when daily routines are started
  • During transition times such as in between classes and school dismissal
  • During quiz or testing times
  • Before winding down for bed
  • When the user feels stuck and would benefit from their customized reminder for getting back on track
  • When a specific intervention for a developmental purpose is needed, such as:
    • When someone working on Emotional Control or Response Inhibition feels stressed by another's actions
    • When someone working on Sustained Attention realizes that their mind is wandering and wants to redirect