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Anne had long been known for story telling and detailed recollections of events. A forgotten call for a grandchild's birthday seemed like an isolated mistake at first but she began noticing other instances where special occasions were almost forgotten, appliances were left on at night, the pet wasn't let outside and medications weren't being taken on schedule.  

She and her husband both got Wristlists™ and put together a system for managing their daily responsibilities.  They had different colored bands that would be worn on different days of the week that included plates for things that they did on those particular days and badges with icons to remind them to turn off household appliances, care for the pet, take prescriptions, and look on the calendar for special occasions.   

Anne says, "my doctor tells me that I may eventually arrive at a place where my memory fails me but for the time being, the short-term memory problems are solved!" The happy couple recommends Wristlists™ to their friends and anyone else who will listen!


Happier family

7-year-old Audrey, rarely brought homework assignments from school at the appropriate times and her parents were always finding out about events after it was too late to join, which embarrassed them.  Mom and Dad were also getting fed up with her repeated failure to come home with her belongings. They had given up on replacing lost hats, gloves and sweaters, including the one Grandma made as a Christmas gift that she promised not to come home without.  Audrey threw fits about being cold from not having some winter outerwear accessories but Dad refused to budge. Yelling, nagging and ultimatums were becoming the norm.

Audrey's parents customized a Wristlist that included a list of things that she needed to check before being dismissed from the classroom to her bus.   

Homework and school folders immediately started arriving at home daily, along with all of her outerwear. The "negativity caused had gone away and everyone's happier". The earned trust led to a replacement of some accessories and a new sweater!


accelerating executive skills

It had been 4 years since 11-year-old Danny had been diagnosed with ADD. In elementary school, there was a tremendous team with a well-devised support plan that moved with him from grade to grade. After graduating to middle school, his confidence began to suffer as school work and projects became more demanding and the support team wasn't as engaged or effective. Danny started feeling insecure about his planning, prioritization and organization when working with teams.  

His well-intended parents privately arranged for a counselor, who assessed Dannys' strengths and weaknesses before devising a plan to develop his brain-based executive functions.  The counselor recommended a Wristlist to serve as a reminder tool as they moved through stages of the program.  

Thanks to his parents' quick intervention, a quality coach, a Wristlist, and Dannys' willingness to try something new, this preteen was able to get off the path to lost confidence and stay on track to success.

His coach said: "His frontal lobe skills are developing at an improved and accelerated rate compared to the average kid I worked with before hearing about the Wristlist."  


Help at the Crossroad

25-year-old Brett, found himself at a crossroad. As a teen, he began taking a prescription to help with focus during school. Academic performance improved but it was an ongoing struggle to get the dosage right, as he dealt with side-effects such as trouble sleeping, lack of appetite and headaches.  Through a difficult period, Brett tried self-medicating but that caused unwanted mood changes and irritability. He was frustrated but always remained optimistic that his inherent tendency to hyper focus would eventually be an asset in a professional career. With approval from his doctor, he stopped taking the prescription and was pleased that the side-effects dissipated even though the distractibility returned. 

Brett customized an Elite Wristlist intended to subtly redirect his attention and says that he's never been happier!

Brett says that his Wristlist is "always in-sight and in-mind", which nudges him to stay focused on whatever the task at hand may be. The unwanted side-effects of prescriptions and self-medicating are no longer a factor for him.      

Please note:  There are unique circumstances that factor in to this case study (including having a physician involved in the process to ramp off medication).  We don't want to imply that this should be an expected outcome. Every situation is unique and a professional should always be consulted when medication is involved.  


Mom resets expectations

Evan and his mother Tara were both feeling frustrated.  As a recently divorced mother of this 9-year-old only child, Tara had little time to spend with Evan or for herself after a long day at work and her other responsibilities at home.  She certainly didn't want to spend the majority of the time with her boy arguing but that's what was happening. She hated feeling like a nag but he just wouldn't complete chores on his own. It took forever to get him to clean his room because every time that she would leave him alone, progress would stop. Evan incessantly asked for updates on how much longer it would be until his visit every other weekend with dad, who didn't care as much about room cleaning or other tasks.

Tara heard about Wristlists™ and reviewed the free resources.  She felt "enlightened" in learning about what should be expected of kids in each age of their development, saying "I wish that they'd have given that to me in a baby owner's manual before we left the hospital". She got educated on executive functions and used our questionnaires to identify her son's and her own strengths and weaknesses. Next, she agreed with Dad on a plan for having consistent expectations in both homes.  A Wristlist was designed that clarified his 5 step responsibilities for bedtime and before going to school.

Evan still requires some supervision to stay on point with tasks but he and mom aren't spending their quality time together arguing. Mom and Dad both got their own Wristlists™ so that Evan wouldn't feel alone in wearing one but they quickly realized that he loved it and never wanted to take it off. Now he has 5 colors in bands and dad has 6 with interchangeable plates!   


Repeating new yearS resolutions no more...

It was the third year in a row that Eric planned to have the same new year's resolutions. There were certain virtues and motivational quotes that had become more important to him after a family member passed away but demanding work kept him so overwhelmed that he found it impossible to remain mindful of the desired resolutions. 

Eric customized a Wristlist that "is comfortable, looks great, super easy to clean, and most importantly, keeps me mindful of what's most important". Since then, he's customized additional plates with new motivational quotes and uses the Wristlist Gift Card as his "go-to present for social and professional needs".  


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